24 September 2012

Menu 9 / 20 / 2012

In an effort to return to normalcy, I'm actually making menus and lists, executing shopping trips, and then chopping onions to my heart's content. 

We all have those things that make us feel settled, contented, at peace.  Being climbed upon by children, special passages of comforting books, pitifully picking out melodies on the piano, really good or fairly bad television, paul forster kisses, friends around the dinner table, passages from the BCP are all on my list. However, one moment, beyond others, convinces me I'm engaged in the rich goodness of day to day duty: Yellow onions, a Henkel knife, and the deliberate up and down into perfect dice. 

Thursday 9/20 -
  •        Lunch - Chick Fil A 
    •  After three weeks of hard core homeschooling, I loaded up the     kids  and took them to the zoo with some friends.  Then we ate Chick Fil A before finishing our errands.  And on the 22nd day she rested.  And it was good. 
  •         Supper - Grilled Chicken 
    • We went to the Symphony at Sunset at the Cedars- an annual, very favorite tradition.  I made grilled chicken strips, homemade honey mustard, and then an interesting tomato/sugarsnappea/fresh mozz/balsamic salad.  It made us feel like people again.  

Friday 9/21 -
  •       Lunch -  Red Beans & Rice
    • You know those people who say "Why don't you and the kids run by for lunch and you can leave them for a play date?" and you arrive to freshly cooked red beans, rice, sausage, cornbread.  And you feel a bit inadequate.  Yeah, I know those people.  My contribution?  I took my sugarsnappea/tomato/mozz/balsamic salad from the night before and turned into a mixed greens with the aforementioned as its topping salad.  It wasn't much, but at least there was something green.  
  •       Supper -  Non glamorous
    •  I cannot exactly remember what kind of leftovers I ate late in the night.    The kiddos ate little caesar's pizza.  'It's gonna be a Caesar's Pizza,' says Collins.  We were spending time with my grandfather at my daddy's house and so I didn't want to cook and transport. And I was tired.  

Saturday 9/22 -

  • Lunch -  Paninis
    • Took the GrilledChicken leftovers from Thursday night, chopped it up,  tossed with honey mustard, and put on some purchased french bread with some Mississippi State Cheese, turning it into a panini with the handy dandy Griddler.  I should get paid for the amount of Griddler spokespersoning that I do.  
  • Supper - Shrimp and Potato Porridge
    • We have dear friends in from out of town, and one of them cannot get enough of Shrimp and Potato Porridge.  And I'm a sucker for someone who expresses favorites.  So, I made that.  The kids had hot dogs at a birthday party.  For this, we were very, very grateful.  
Sunday 9/23 -
  • Lunch - McAllister's
    • Did you know kids eat free on Sundays at McAllister's  (Or at least some of the area McAllister's?)  This means that we can feed our family of five, with real-live beverages, for 15 dollars and not have a dish to do and not even eat anything fried.  
  • Supper -  Angel Hair/Shrimp/Cream Sauce
    • Same friends -  different favorite dish.  We have a tradition of having dear friends to supper on Sunday evenings.  These same visiting friends started the tradition seven (gasp) years ago this month.  So, we toasted to Sunday Supper and enjoyed one of all of our favorite dishes.  Shrimp, Scallions, Tomatoes, Butter, White Wine, Cream, Basil, Oregano, Tiny Dash of Cayenne.   We had Cherry Cream Pie for supper.  Another ridiculously fattening dish.  But, oh, so good.  

Monday 9/24 - 
  • Lunch - Mish Mash
    • I gobbled down the other half of my McAllister's sandwich while I taught Latin personal pronouns.  The short people took PB&H and the hubby, per his instructions, fended for himself. 
  • Supper - Lentils/Rice/Snow Peas/Cheese Toast
    • In an effort to prove that I'm a human being and can cook whole foods to feed my family real meals, I made Lentils tonight.  That's what whole-foods, real, family cooks make.  I added a bit much cayenne, so the kiddos ate about half of theirs before complaining of spiciness.  Which means I'm about to love the heck out of mine.  I also bought snow peas, which I love from the Wok-2-Go around the corner.  Turns out, I can stir fry snow peas too.  And I had some left over french bread and so I toasted some cheese on top.  Because I'm not a food Sadist or Masochist, and we need a bit of something to keep our food spirits up.  
Tuesday 9/25 -
  • Lunch - Leftover Smorgasbord.  
    • We now have shrimp pasta, shrimp and potato porridge, lentils, and a few other odds and ends in the fridge.  Tomorrow, mid school day, I'll pull it all out and take orders from the short people.  Paul might even come home and see us for lunch.  Won't that be fun and June Cleaver ish of me?  
  • Supper -  Bean Burritos
    • It's been too long, friends.  Too long indeed.  That's what Forsters eat on Random Weekday Evenings.  That's what we're eating tomorrow.  Yay!  

Yay indeed.  Yay for life settling back down.  We live in our home, we educate daily, we visit with friends.

And, we chop onions. 

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