14 June 2011

Food 6/5/11-6/11/11

I'm behind.  I know.

This is last week's menu.

On Sunday, we were invited to some friends' house for lunch.  She made beef stroganoff.  I brought a caprese salad for an appetizer, a walker's house salad for our salad, and a pan of biscuit bread.  Have I told you about biscuit bread?  I'll have to get permission from its original author, but let's just say that it's the best of biscuits combined with the best of cornbread.

On Sunday night, friends came here for what I dubbed "freezer clean out kebob night"  I have chicken and steak and shrimp and such that I have unused from recipes.  And so I freeze it in little tiny freezer bags.  I've been in freezer clean out mode, so, we had a few bites of steak, some chicken strips, shrimp kebobs, grilled veggies, 2 different kinds of yummy potatoes brought by two different sweet women, fruit pizza for dessert, and I don't even know what else.  Other things to make me fat - I can promise you that.

On Monday for lunch, we all grazed like cattle.

On Monday evening, we had one of the favorite new recipes I've ever tried.  Fried green tomato po boys.  They were awesome.  They were in the June issue of Southern Living, from which I've been much benefiting.  Or not, if you are counting the calories.  Anyway, here is the recipe.  I recommend you try it, asap. 

On Tuesday at lunch, we met some friends for chick fil a.  Originally, we were going to take a picnic to the park.  But it is too hot.  Way, way too hot to be outside without being in water.

On Tuesday evening, we went to my mother's house for supper - I took marinated pork tenderloin and a cold corn salad.  She made a big salad and a fresh cherry pie.  Fresh cherry pies are in my top five favorite desserts, easily, and probably in the top two.  They are just amazing.  And, again, they have the whole Macbeth thing going for them.  Out, damn'd spot! Couldn't help it.

Wednesday at lunch, we grazed again.  We do that.  A lot.

Wednesday at supper, we made pizza.

Thursday we had grilled chicken po boys for lunch, utilizing leftovers from Sunday and Monday nights.  I'm a leftover happy girls these days.

Thursday night, we took a cold supper to the pool.  Potato salad, Corn Salad, Fruit.  And the children were slaphappy because we also bought them bagel bites/corndogs to supplement the cold food.  It went well.

Friday for lunch, P, B & H.

Friday night for supper we had 6 courses or so..=)  Every now and then (okay, once a month), the urge strikes me to do something fancy.  To serve plated courses.  To have sorbet.  It just hits me.  And about 1/3 of the time, I indulge that urge, which means that 4 or so times a year, I have a fancy dinner party.  My only regret is that I cannot have all of the people I want to have every time.   Coming soon....How to be a good dinner party guest.  More on what we ate and such later.

Saturday for lunch we pretty much ate blackberries.  We picked and picked and ended up with 10 quarts and it's been quite fun so far.

Saturday night for supper, we bopped to my daddy's and Carrie's house and ate burgers, caprese salad (I cannot get enough of that stuff....really....its a summertime addiction, which is better than other summertime addictions I've been known to have), baked beans, corn on cob, etc.  A summer supper it was.

I love food.  Can you tell? 

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