28 June 2011

Food 6/12/11 -7/2/11

Shockingly, I've been a delinquent blogger. 

But last night, the women and friends of our church got together to talk about feeding our families, and one of the tools of accountability we mentioned was actually writing down your menu. (Obviously).

And, so I remembered that I actually do have a spot to write down my menu. 

Right here.

So, going back in time a bit - 
Food from June 12th-June 18th:

Two weeks ago was Pentecost.  This is the second year that the church has done an around-the-world feast to celebrate.  It always makes us all realize why certain ethnic foods (chinese/mexican/italian) have been Americanized and adopted into our food culture as part of our own and why certain others (british/scandinavian/canadian) have not.  But, I still really enjoy tasting it all.  We do it just for fun, but it actually does serve to remind you about how there are people around the world having entirely the same life experiences - in a spiritual, collective unconscious, all created imago dei kind of a way - and yet, having entirely different life experiences - in a "They eat WHAT?" kind of a way. 
We are all the same and yet we are all different. 

So, I made Rigatoni (from Italy...), Baja Slaw, from Baja California, Mexico (Who knew that Mexico has a state called Baja California.  Is that confusing or what?), and Madeira cake from Britain.  I liked all three of them a lot, and may actually make them again.  The Madeira cake was a Nigella recipe.  That lady rocks my face off. 

For supper that night, we vegged and at whatever we could put our hands on.

Over the next week, we had fridge clean out paninis [I had left over grilled chicken and some pork of loin that i needed to use, so we chopped it up and grabbed whatever cheese and bread we could find, slathered on some sauce and popped on some veggies, and stuck it all in the panini press.  This is one of my go to meals.]; On Tuesday, more rigatoni - I doubled my sauce recipe on Sunday and used it again on Tuesday night.  Who gets tired of meat and tomato sauce?  Well a lot of people, but very few after just two meals.;  Wednesday brought BBQ Sandwiches at church, which made enough to feed us again at the Pool on Thursday night (I love pool side supper.  Love it. Love it. Love it.) Then, on Friday, we went to Cock of the Walk to celebrate Collins's Second Birthday.  Yay Collins. Yay fried food.  Fried catfish.  Fried hushpuppies.  Fried onion rings.  Fried french fries (redundant? yes.  worth it? yes).  Fried dill pickles.  And some pickled onions and slaw.  That weren't fried.  But barely. 

Collins requested to 'feed de ducks' for his birthday, so we went to feed the ducks, and his Godmother made this delightful Duck Cake.  The water on the bottom is brownish gray ish....to symbolize the reservoir where we were eating.  
Then on Saturday, I had two showers for sweet friends having their first babies.  So, that was my lunch, my afternoon project, and my dinner.  My kids ate with my daddy and grandaddy for fathers' day, and some sweet friends fed Paul Forster a yummy supper.  We were all taken care of.  That's nice. 

Then to the next week....

Paul wanted a big ol' sandwich for his Father's' Day lunch, so I took him to Broadstreet Bakery, our favorite spot for a big ol' sandwich. 
That night, I helped cook fathers' day supper for my daddy - I was in charge of Pork Tenderloin, Tomato Tart and Cherry Cream Pie.  It was a feast. 

Monday we had bean burritos.  Tuesday night, we celebrated Ada's birthday with a 5 course dinner for seven year olds.  More about that later.  Let's just say that two dishes in one meal at my house involved velveeta.  And yes, a few pigs flew past the window.  Wednesday, pizza at church.  Thursday, yet another pool picnic- this time a variety of fruits and veggies coupled with Burger King Chicken Nuggets.  Yes sir.  Friday night I didn't feel well, so I just did a simple pasta with cream sauce thing a majig - more like alfredo, I guess.  A big green salad and some leftover bread turned garlic toast.  Took about 20 minutes total and was all tasty, and inexpensive, if not exactly low on calories. 

Saturday night, after I had been at a three day conference, my wise husband knew he should order out.  He knew this because I may have requested it.... but he knew it all the same.  We got Roosters, a burger joint around the corner, from which I get chicken tenders.  I don't even like fried chicken tenders too much, and I firmly believe in ordering what the restaurant specializes in, but Rooster's chicken tenders cannot be beaten.  Can.  Not.  Be.  Beaten. 

Whew.  Lots of eating. 

If you notice the lunches from Thursday, Friday and Saturday, please know that those meals were not  orchestrated by myself - far from it.  I was at this small conference, and all of us conference attendees brought contributions.  It's the way to eat, I tell you.  Fresh, simple, lots. 

Michael Pollan says "Eat Food.  Not too much.  Mostly Plants"

I agree wholeheartedly, though we may have a definition issue with
"Not Too Much" 

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