29 August 2010

we are not starving...

Friday: We had a good ol' fashioned dinner party. Three of our couple friends join us for
Fresh Mozzarella/Basil/Tomato appetizers
Cream of Corn, Leek and Red Pepper Soup (with homemade Creme Fraiche, my fave!)
AngelHair with Shrimp and Cream Sauce
Walker's House Salad (well, the dressing was off..)
French Bread
Amaretto Freezes (that didn't freeze, but that's why we should approach all things with charity, right? especially my too-late-in-the-freezer-to-freeze-properly desserts)

We had a grand old time visiting, toasting, and feasting on God's glorious bounty he has given us.

Saturday: My baby brother brought his even baby-er girlfriend to meet me. She's a doll - and held her own with me, brother, husband and daddy, which is a feat - let me tell you! We had tomato tart, Pasta a la Vodka, another Walker's House Salad, still off on the dressing. My dad's girlfriend brought dessert, which were caramelized 'naners over ice cream with hot fudge sauce. Which I am for!

Sunday (today): We're having Sabbath Brisket - well, it's my mother's brisket recipe, but i discovered a couple of years ago that one can use the same recipe with any type of roast - so, really, it's an english roast, but we're still calling it Sabbath Brisket. And potatoes. And dessert, salad, bread.

Monday: Bean Burritos. Wonder if we'll ever get sick of them? I try to stretch us to 14 days apart, but sometimes it's hard, especially since the other four forsters seem to love them as much or more than I do.

Tuesday: I'm celebrating a dear lady's birthday at a friend's house, so the crew will be eating leftovers.

Wednesday: Two nights in a row off!

Thursday: Stew with leftover Sabbath Brisket and hot cheese sandwiches.

Who thinks that I'm ready for fall? My menu says yes!

More to write, more to say, life is busy in such a good way.

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  1. Ann Lowrey, I love your blog and your menus make me insanely hungry! I, like you, am also ready for fall. I have a great chicken corn chowder recipe from my mother in law that I love to make during the fall. If you would like the recipe, I am more than happy to share it. Thanks again for sharing!