05 August 2010

my darling husband is as spoiled as they come

Review of the last week's menu:

Friday - Kid Heaven (Totinos Pizza rolls, Boxed, Toy Story Themed, Mac and Cheese, Broccoli, Ice Cream Bars) - what can you say, but success! We had a great time with 12 of the 14 (out of utero) Oswalt grandchildren plus ours, and the kid food helped mightily. My favorite comment was something to the effect of "This is really great. My parents have been on P 90-X, and, it's been, well, awful."

Saturday - Red fish. I posted as much info about this recipe as I could. Here. And it was a super yummy success. My mother had her tonsils out last week and so I took the leftover fish and made a cream soup for her. Also, I made the left over shrimp sauce into a warm, cheesy dip with the addition of mozzarella and cream cheese.

Sunday - For lunch we had chicken enchiladas - They were good, but my originaly mother-given recipe is better.... Oh well, have to try new things every once and a while. I had the privilege of cooking meatballs with a couple of my favorite women for supper. You know - like the spaghetti and type. They were great. They always are. I need to post that recipe.

Monday - We had pasta two days in a row (rearranging the order of weekly menus is part of their success). Chicken Romano is a favorite of mine and the fam's - it's fairly easy, but very yummy, and it brings back my childhood all in one bite.

Tuesday - We had cheese and onion enchiladas. Which required me to chop 8 (small ish) onions. My tear ducts have not yet recovered, but they were so good, it was worth it.

Wednesday - DOMINOS! At Church!

Thursday (so just a few minutes ago) - We had a new recipe. It is called "Baked Potato Soup" and you actually, you ready?, bake the potatoes first. Paul said, "Honey - this is like restaurant good" which required much jabbing from me. (Am i normally sub-restaurant quality?), but he tried to recover with "I mean like Walker's - not like Chili's" which did not fly, but then he further recovered with, "I mean- we should put this on the list of things you should serve if you ever open a restaurant." Yes, that's better, sweetheart.
It is a recipe out of "Food For Thought" - a birmingham, AL junior league cookbook, but of course I tinkered with it a lot, so I'll have to post that too. We had that, a big green salad and bagel chips.

(Also, i saved the potato skins to make, well, potato skins, tomorrow or the next day for appetizers)

So, weekly menu for this coming week:

Friday: Shrimp and Asparagus crepes, giant salad, homemade rolls, chocolate chess pie.

Saturday: Beef Wellington (Yes...) (with homemade puff pastry - hopefully I'll have the self discipline to take pics of this process), sharp cheddar risotto, green salad.

Sunday Lunch: Chicken Casserole (This amazingly tasty, amazingly against all of my culinary convictions, amazingly easy dish that is popular at church lunch), Watermelon. (This is obviously not a full meal, but the second sunday of each month, the church all eats together and this Sunday would be that second sunday - so we all bring something to contribute. And we all get fat.

Sunday Supper: Ha! I'm contributing a salad and peach cobbler, but my sweet dearest friend Calen is bringing the main course - and it's going to be a surprise to me. Sunday Supper is a tradition around here. We eat, each Sunday evening, with our bestest friends. Our dear friend, Jacob, caused this tradition by being only able to take a break from med school studying on the sabbath, and so that was when he ate with us. It has evolved a bit, but not much.

Monday: Rosemary Pork Roast and potatoes, fresh green beans. These are new recipes; I shall report.

Tuesday: Black Bean Burritos. We eat bean burritos too much. Except they're good, cheap and good for us, so can you do that too much? They vary between refried and black. Woo hoo - exciting....

Wednesday: BBQ at Church.

Thursday: Chicken Tortilla Soup. A super yummy favorite, courtesy of our friend Andrea.

So, that's what we're eating. I'll try to pick one or two to write about.

As far as life - there is always much to report. I have funny, joyful children who challenge every bit of me every moment of every day.
Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but it's close. Really.

I surely do love life. And food. And Paul.... who says I could definitely get a job at Chili's.
Off for port, backrub, agatha christie - the perfect bedtime cocktail.

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  1. Sounds like lots of good food! We are prone to re-arranging our weekly menus, too. I'm very interested in your meatball and baked potato soup recipes. I made a rosemary pork roast last week using a Rachael Ray Show recipe - it had great flavor but I made a stupid mistake and used the wrong cut of pork, so it wasn't as good as it should have been.

    Our regional grocery store chain, Meijer, has started carrying a bunch of "natural" and organic boxed/canned goods under their store-brand (which are not much more expensive than the "regular" items), including refried black beans - I'd never heard of such until I accidentally bought a can, thinking they were just regular black beans. They are delicious and would probably go great in burritos! So thanks for that idea. :-)