14 October 2009

christmas list greatness

I know it's october. And I'm against the premature celebration of holidays. Not to mention that I have a whole list of fall celebrations before we can think about christmas -
starting with the fair this weekend, then halloween, wedding of a best friend, multiple fall festivals going all the way through Thanksgiving.

Now hear this: The Day after Thanksgiving is the Proper Time to begin The Month Long Ish Celebration of the Advent and Christmas Seasons.

I'm sure I'll be opining more on exactly how one should celebrate holidays since they are pretty much the best things ever.

So, we are not in Christmas Mode.

But - Christmas is a big deal around here.

It takes much preparation, and I don't know if you know, but there are a lot of people around here, most of whom are not capable of assisting very much in preparing. So while celebrating (christmas music, decorations, desserts, etc.) is strictly forbidden until the aforementioned DAT, preparing, if the month of December is not to be ruinous, must start earlier.

With Paul in school and me being at home growing these urchins, we aren't exactly rolling in cash - So, I've got to get lists established and begin bargain hunting/assisting grandparents in picking out various items/slowly breaking it to my children that we are not getting live animals...

And today was list establishing day.

One of my favorite days ever. ever. ever. ever. It just gets better every year. My children are funny and Christmas Lists are awesome. And the combination is almost unbearably giddyness producing.

This afternoon, after rest time and before supper time, the two talking ones and I sat on the couch, me with red pen in hand (seasonal colors, clearly), and we visited, for about an hour, about their hearts' deepest, yet realistic, desires.

Rejected Items:

a kitten (this is the third year for ada brooks to request a kitten - and the third year to be rejected. I had to promise all sorts of things to Paul for us to get our one cat, Staples. Paul hates cats. Something about the cats in his childhood. We have a one cat rule.)

a kitten (rejected twice because showed up on both kids' lists. Eason is a copycat. cat. hee hee. love a good accidental pun.)

a pink pony (she said it with a smile. gotta love emerging wit in children)

a design your own soccer ball (i don't have a moral or logistical objection - just a disbelief that she actually wants one. she acquiesced, saying, "well, it just looked cool in the catalog - and you know how i love to design my own things")

a milkshake (from eason, clearly - i will make him a milkshake, but it will not be in his stocking. getting him to differentiate between perishable and nonperishable desires is a problem)

The Final Lists:

Ada Brooks:
  1. A Bicycle because, "don't you think it's time for me to ride a bike?"
  2. A Basket for said bicycle (all her idea - making her mother glow with pride)
  3. Play men so she can "design her own" food based action shots like ones seen below. She saw these photos, felt an immediate calling, gathered granola bars for a rock climbing scene and was devastated that we had no men suitable for rock climbers.

  4. Any Games "other than Sorry, because she already owns Sorry," if you didn't know.
  5. Sleeping Bag for camping out in the den (which will last until 830 pm...)
  6. Fake Flowers
  7. Tape
  8. Pipe Cleaners
  9. A Photo of our Whole Family for her room (I would have teared up had I not still been laughing so hard at the earnest desire for men to make foodphotoscapes out of.)
  10. Books - "as many as I can get - I bet Papa will get me books" (perceptive little urchin she is)
  11. This interactive map.
  12. This at home planetarium.
  13. One of these (something I highly encouraged make the final list...)
  14. Fake food for her kitchen. Food is a theme.

Eason's list:

  1. Bicycle, "So i can ride my bike wif ada"
  2. Sleeping Bag, "So i can camp out in the den wif ada"
  3. A Yellow Blanket
  4. Yellow Tennis Shoes "Like Ada's Pink ones, but, yellow"
  5. A yellow cup to drink out of
  6. "Some bad guys and some good guys - maybe monkey bad guys" (no, i've no insight here)
  7. A yellow car
  8. A train - "it does not have to be yellow, it could be blue or red or green"
  9. "Some over fings like ada"

I love my children - if you haven't guessed that - and listening to them is always a joy - but especially listening to their fairly non-materialistic material desires - if that is a possible description. It's just so wonderful to know what they want, to be on their team about it, and to get to look forward to it and be excited about reindeer and stockings and the singing christmas tree and mulled wine (okay, the mulled wine is for me, although, if i'd let him, eason would join in wholeheartedly.)

Back to Fall Time - but sale shopping and tiny-play-men-to-go-on-food hunting has begun.


  1. hellooooo...the granola bars were a DESERT. a desert. they don't look ANYthing like a mountain.

  2. i imagine Eason would love anything yellow - he frequently reminds me that yellow is his favorite color - i love that little guy.

  3. ok so I saw this and immediately thought of Ada's list. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=32706310&utm_source=bronto&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Recreate+Memories+with+Miniatures&utm_content=etsy_finds_101909_B&utm_campaign=etsy_finds_101909_B