06 October 2009

before we go any further... Part 2.37

As I prepared to write my next installment in my explanation of our education plan for our loverly offspring, I reread what I have written so far.

And I feel the need to point out that while I sound very definite, I am only definite from my own point of view. And I'm aware that that is a confusing sentence. Paul and I are very convinced and convicted and passionate - and any number of other strong adjectives - that we've embarked on the best path for Ada Brooks and us. And we're pretty close to convinced that this will be the best path for all of our children.

But I'm far from believing that stating what I believe to be the best method of education is like stating that 2 + 2 = 4. (Barring all philosophical debates about whether you can actually state that 2 +2=4 - you can - hush). Or even that education is like most ethical decisions - murder = bad. It's not - it falls into those ethical debates that Paul and Peter encounter in the early church. Eating pork for you may be bad, but for me it's just dandy - each according to his own conscience.

We think we're right that classically educating Ada Brooks is the best we can do for her. We think we're right that we should do what is best for her educationally. And we think classical education is worthy and should be investigated and utilized by more people than currently do. But, there are many forms of education - public, private, parochial, home - and many philosophies behind those - montessori, classical, "un", traditional - and I'd argue that some are better than others, but i'd also argue that there are plenty of combinations that can and do work - and that no prescription about education system or philosophy could ever be made to apply across the board.

So, before I move into full explanation of the plan, I just wanted to make clear that it's not that I think we're right. period. It's that I think we're right for us. It's that I think we've done our due diligence in reading, investigating, praying, thinking, talking, writing, meditating and seeking guidance. We're acting according to our conscience. And our conscience has led us in a perfectly legitimate and even excellent direction.

Later: In what direction is that, exactly, you crazy lady?

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