15 May 2013

Freezer Inventory and Giving Thanks

A dear friend came to play today, but instead of just playing, we cleaned out my refrigerator.  This had not been done since 2012, I'm pretty sure.  Which means it was uber gross. 

Actually, I think it's been grosser before, and that's just by some miracle. 

So, we pulled everything out and washed the fridge guts and then put everything back in.  Which is just the best feeling in the world.  The kids were even showing it off to one another.  "Look, Ada, Look at the refrigerator!" 

Anna's baby, Roland, even climbed in before we added anything back (except the bottom produce drawer - it was already filled).


And then we started on the freezer.  And then she had to leave, but, luckily, we had pulled everything out of the freezer before she left... 

So, I began a thorough inventory of both in the inside and outside freezers.  Threw away a few things that needed chunking, and then organized and restocked the remaining items. 

And now I need a list of what all I have so I'll quit buying 11 of the same thing and use this stuff
before it goes bad.   While we were doing all of this, Collins said, "we sure do have a lot of food."  We really do.  Hunger is not on the radar.  What a grand blessing that is - to live in a time and place and to have jobs that mean that we don't worry about from whence the next meal is coming. 

Thanks be to God.

Delivering to friends tomorrow:

Chicken Tortilla Soup [14 servings]
Marinara Sauce [6 servings]
Poppy Seed Chicken [4 servings]
Chicken Tortilla Soup [6 servings]
1 loaf banana bread [6 servings]

 Inside Freezer:  

2 Boxes Popsicles
32 Klondike Bars
1 (1.5 qt) Breyers Vanilla Bean
2 pts  Ben and Jerrys

3 lbs Kroger Crowder Peas
2 lbs Kroger Cut Okra
8-10 Servings Unseasoned Homemade Refried Beans
6 qts Fresh Peas picked last summer at Weis/Miller homestead
2 lbs Kroger Black Eyed Peas
1 lb Kroger Corn

2 lbs cut strawberries (sams)
5 lbs mixed fruit (sams)
3 qts blueberries, picked at Locus Berry Farms
10 bags edamame
3 peeled bananas
1 lb cranberries
1 lb pecans

Tamales for 6

 l Natures Own 100% Whole Wheat
1 Natures Own Honey Wheat
1 loaf Great Harvest White Chocolate Cherry
1 pkg Gluten Free Tortillas
2 pans Sister Schubert Parker House Rolls
1 sheet puff pastry

2 cups chicken broth

1 can grape juice concentrate
1 can pina colada mix

And the Outside Freezer

5 lbs Cut Strawberries (Sams)
4 lbs Broccoli Florets

30 popsicles

1 lb instant dry yeast

2 lbs MSU Edam Cheese

Chicken Tortilla [6 servings]
Marinara [6 servings]
Beefy Vegetable Soup [6 servings]
Sloppy Joe Meat [4 servings]
Balsamic Pork Loin Cooked [6 servings or 1 Lasagna Filling]
8 Triangles Polenta [Gluten Free]

8 Slices Bacon
2 Pork Loins [3.5 lbs each]
2 pkgs "Jumbo Beefy Hotdogs"
18 Breakfast Sausage Patties
1.25 lbs italian sausage
3 lbs ground beef
1 beef pot roast [3 lbs]
2 lb log jalapeno cheesy summer sausage

5 lbs chicken b/s tenders
1.25 lbs chicken b/s tenders
1.5 lbs b/s chicken thighs
2 lbs chicken breasts

Ahi Tuna [5 servings]
Red Fish [5 servings]
Flounder [3 servings]
1 lb tinty shrimp for sauce or salad
3/4 lb shrimp

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