24 December 2011

Merry Christmas From the Family!

Front of Christmas Card
 We sent Christmas Cards.  But knowing me, I won't be able to find a copy in years to come...  So, here it is.  The front.  Eason is being silly, and I debated about using it because of that, but, really, when is he not silly?
New Years Resolution Number 1: Make Eason More Serious.  Yeah, right.

I loved it, though, because Ada's smile is genuine and Collins is tickled, which actually are both kind of rare.   Some grandmothers may have been annoyed that Ada Bee is hugging her knees.  Well, I thought that was sweet.
But I can see the objection... Sort of. 
Back of Christmas Card
 This is the back of the Christmas Card.  It was my attempt at an "Update on our Lives" without entering Christmas-letter-that-tells-about-every-gymnastics-lesson territory.  It was hard to keep it short and actually convey information.  I wanted to say much more - like my favorite things I've cooked this year, some quotes from all three children, Paul's school and job status, etc.  But, that's what the blog is for, right?

My Effervescent Eason
 Sweet Eas.  This is my favorite of his face from the Xmas card shots.  He continues to thrill us all, though he's turning the corner from source-of-amusement into child who actually has substance.  He's learning to read, which is super fun - just as much fun as it was the first time around with his sister.  He'll be five in March - so big.  He struggles with controlling his motion - he isn't so much an internally hyper child, but externally, he is always moving - climbing, hanging, jumping  - most often on things should not be climbed, hung, or jumped upon.  (Upon is an adverb there, not a preposition, meaning it can end a sentence.  I think this distinction may solve the ultimate marital debate that Paul and I have.)   But, we're also working on us - being a bit more tolerant.  We recently did spelling lessons with him in a tree.  This isn't how life will work eventually, but for now, we can be a bit more accommodating.  Paul and I both have the tendency to be intolerant.  Eason has tendency to move too freely and too much.  We're constantly working on all three of us. I don't think we make much progress, but, of course we really do.  It's just hard to see when you're so up close to it.  He's a tender soul and his sister easily hurts his feelings.  But he drives her insane, so it all evens out?  (Evens where?  Evens out?  Another adverb?)  He continues a great Kindergarten year at Jackson Classical - taking violin, enjoying art and spanish, but of course gymnastics is his favorite.  His favorite foods are mac & cheese, honey, ice cream, clementines, and cheese ravioli.  Carboload much? 
My Adamant Boundless Ada Brooks
 My dear, only daughter.  Ada has grown up a lot this year, for which we've been very thankful.  She's learning how to navigate the world with a little more self-awareness.  This is hard to handle, a bit, because it means she's aware of her interactions not just with other people, but with us.  I've seen a few moments of conscious manipulation  - and nipped them in the bud.  She's forming her own tastes- that are actually thought through - she loves Roald Dahl and not as much Nancy Drew (though she'll read it in a pinch).  She's sleeping later and later, and actually occasionally taking pride in the way her room looks.  Ada loves on her brothers, bosses them around, and expects them to fall into line exactly as she wishes.  This does not happen, so she fusses at them.  We're working on it.  If Eas will stop being annoying, and AB will always be kind, then Jesus will go ahead and come back, because the world will have been redeemed.  Third grade is treating her well - she's studying the ancient times - Egpyt, Greece, Mayans, Ancient China and India - and in the spring, much time on Rome.  Her handwriting is slightly short of atrocious, but her sentence construction gets better and better (guess which I care about more...).  I continue to love the math program we're using - she's doing math intuitively, rather than from memorization.  It means we get to have awesome conversations - it also means she's about to pass me by on speed - but I remind her weekly that I did perfectly satisfactorily in AP calculus, so she better watch it.  She's a little chef, though I've enjoyed some truly humbling culinary moments she's had this year - it's good for her - really.  
My Capricious Collins
 Collins has been a test this year.  He was the easiest baby known to man - and then he turned a corner.  In fact, I'd say of the three, his two year old self has been the hardest.  The other two were easy as pie to potty train (looking back, at least.  In the moment, I thought my life was ending, I was dying, I hated all of it); Collins, on the other hand, just sort of refused.  He's (mostly) over it now, but it wasn't pretty.   He has actually pitched all out fits - something I don't recall with the other two, though, hindsight is, in fact, not 20/20, and maybe it is another one of those in-the-moment-it-is-awful-looking-back-it-seems-simple things.
But, in the last month or two, Collins has turned another corner.  He's become conversational and mostly obedient.  He's of course been talking for a while - but now he uses Nouns of Direct Address, Adverbs, Prepositions, and Dependent Clauses.  He's started to mean his apologies (sometimes), and he continues to get funnier and funnier and funnier.  Eason is leaving Truly Hilarious Stage, about which I've grieved, but God is good, and as Eas exits, Collins is walking in the door at the other end of the room.  He pretends to read books to people, has very strong opinions, and still calls his favorite candy Nershey Kisses.  If he's gotten enough sleep and is physically well, he's pure delight.  When he's good, he's very, very good.  And when he's bad.... well....
He likes to cuddle, be read to, and is quite fastidious.  The most oft heard phrase is "It's messing up, Mama, so please help me."  He could be talking about his shoe, his shirt, my pants, the milk jug.  If it's not in order, he's not pleased. 

All in all, 2011 has been a fantastic year.  I don't have handy a great picture of Paul or me, but we're both doing very well.  We count our blessings almost every day, and we're trying hard to limit the counting of our annoyances.

And now, back to wrapping!  

Merry Christmas Eve!

Christ is born in Bethlehem. 
My favorite Picture Of My Children Of All Time

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  1. The kids are adorable! Eason sounds like a Sensory Seeker. You might enjoy reading and incorporating sensory activities from The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun by Carol Kranowitz. It is full of fun things to do that can safely satisfy those cravings to run, jump, climb, spin and crash! Happy New Year!