13 July 2010

Same Old Song

I have the best intentions about this blog. I really do. I genuinely enjoy making a record of the insanity around here. And it's not as though it really takes all that much time. But I don't find that I have a lot of thirty minute spots in my day in which I can write uninterrupted.

Plus... be honest... no one wants to read a blog post that doesn't include pictures. Which take even more time.

(When I get to heaven, I'm going to be as photogenic as my kids....right?)

We've been busy this summer. Busy in great ways.

Things I need to devote an entire blog post to:

1) Celebrating Birthdays

2) Some recent parenting insights I've had as we stumble along on the way

3) Days at the pool

4) Having seven little girls cooking supper in my house

5) The Fourth of July

6) Homeschooling.... (This could be seven posts)

7) Our recent trip North to our favorite (and really only) city, Chicago, with a side jaunt to Waukesha, Wisconsin to celebrate some dear friends' marriage.

8) Food and Hospitality

9) Books

And rather than just saying these are the things I'd like to post about.... I'm actually going to do it. Yep. This week - at least one post a day - I'm going to catch up.

Come and get me if I don't. Seriously. Or at least post a nasty message on my facebook wall. It will be embarrassing, which always does the trick.

To sum up life right now:

We are consistently blessed by the life God has given us.

We have dear, dear friends, most of whom we don't see enough, but a few of whom we live within a stone's throw (granted a Trunchbull type stone's throw) of and get to see quite often,

a delightful, worshipful, centering church,

families that amuse and support us,

and most of the fun a family of five could dream up to have.

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