17 May 2010

Delinquency is my middle name

We're over half way through May and I've not blogged a little tiny bit.

I was out of town for seven/eight days, and I have had mother's day and my birthday (days I wouldn't call successes, but we won't get into that....) (or maybe we will, when I can be charitable and funny, which may be around next mother's day and my birthday)

But, it's been about two weeks since I made this ambitious list of goals, and I feel the need to update so I can see how I'm doing - remember, the key is self-shame into being productive...

1- Clear out digital pictures
F - haven't even begun this daunting project. I can already see that it may get put on
the bottom of the list, but I'm feeling okay about it. It's probably because enough
people made me feel as though it's really okay. Thanks, people.

2 - Print and Frame some good ones (which will involve me asking nicely for Paul to hurry up and repair some frames for me...)
F - see above.

3 - Continue work on healthier family meals menu, so we don't all grow up to be hugemongous.
D - went on vacation for a week, but back in the saddle again!

4 - Write Ada Brooks's history curriculum for next year. She'll be studying the years 1850 forward. Which is a lot. I've got to decide which topics we'll cover, how to cover them, etc. Suggestions are welcome.
C - I'm getting good help and trucking along, but I've got miles to go before I sleep....

5 - Teach the kids to ride their bikes without training wheels.
F - haven't even tried...

6 - Take children to zoo no fewer than five times.
B - been twice - on track to go at least three more times in next six weeks. so booyah.

7 - Take children to hike behind the science museum on pretty days.
F - been at the zoo the whole time.

8 - Teach Eason to swim.
C - Eason doesn't want to learn to swim... suggestions?

9 - Plan birthday celebrations for Ada, Collins and Paul. Ada Brooks wants a baking birthday party... and I'm determined that we will celebrate poor, sweet third child Collins.
B - have saved dates on the calendar! Have created guest list for Ada's baking birthday!

10 - Learn to exercise regularly....
A - I'm giving myself an A because I've exercised more regularly over last three and a half
weeks than I have ever before in my life. Or at least since Camp Desoto in 1997.
We'll see come July if i've kept it up. But for now, I feel good about it!

I feel okay about the above list. I feel like it's an over all "making progress" kind of a report. Some areas need improvement, and others are right on track -

Great trip to beach - will report later!

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