04 March 2010


Ada Brooks has never really taken a test before.

First of all, she's in kindergarten, and second of all, she's currently schooled at home, and frankly, i now understand why the 'homeschooling experts' all say that testing isn't really necessary in elementary ages. I really do know what Ada Brooks's weaknesses are, whereas a teacher teaching 20 children has to test, or some will fall through the cracks.

But.... test taking is a skill like any other. And, whether for good or for bad, it's a necessary skill here in America. One day, God willing, Ada will apply to college. Not only will she have to do well on tests to get into college, but she'll hopefully do well enough on some tests to earn some scholarship money.

I don't feel the need to test Ada Brooks weekly so that I'll know which math skills she understands and which ones she hasn't quite mastered; I do feel the need to teach Ada Brooks what it's like to take tests.

And her schooling program, Jackson Classical, also recommends yearly standardized testing, for two purposes. One, as I said, so the first test children take is not the ACT, and two, so that the educational consultants at Jackson Classical can assist parents in interpreting the results to pin point any weaknesses we may not recognize.

So, in April, Ada Brooks will take a first grade level achievement test to see where her strengths and weaknesses are.

But, since she's never seen a multiple choice test question before, JC encouraged us to get a few first grade achievement tests and walk through them with her.

This was our assignment for the morning.

I'm exhausted, and am proud to say that I, a cum laude graduate of the sally mcdonnell barksdale honors college, have missed three of the first grade questions. Perhaps there needs to be some revamping... And perhaps the eleven (so far) grammar mistakes (three of which are in the 'language mechanics' section of the test) need to be removed....

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